Payroll Cards (Pay Cards) and Electronic Pay

Lower your costs, create a great new employee benefit and support the environment by offering employees FSV's ePayroll solution featuring the PaychekPLUS!® pay card.
The business case for adopting pay cards goes well beyond cost savings and productivity gains. Payroll debit cards, also known as pay cards, make a great alternative to paying employees by paper check. A well-executed pay card program can be positioned by employers as a new employee benefit – a valuable perk for employees who might not otherwise have access to a Visa, MasterCard or Discover Network card. Plus, eliminating paper checks and wage statements supports corporate sustainability initiatives and reduces your company's carbon footprint from the paper, printing and shipping of paychecks and wage statements.

FSV Solution: Taking the Paper out of Payday
FSV's unique ePayroll solution allows you to achieve your electronic payroll goals without mandating the use of pay cards. We accomplish this by clearly communicating and marketing the benefits of electronic deposit to either a bank account or a pay card. Employees are empowered to choose the direct deposit option that's right for them.

Our Strategy for Success
We don't measure our success by the number of pay cards issued. We look at the ePayroll adoption rate your company achieves and your satisfaction with the programs. Additionally, we measure success by how many cardholders regularly use their cards and enjoy the benefits they receive. Our experience has shown that providing cardholders a benefit they love and dedicated support whenever they need it is what will make your program successful.

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