Payroll Card (Pay Card) Case Studies

Case Study: Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings, Inc. (BWW) delivers millions of wings to its customers across the country with nearly 500 company-owned restaurants in North America. BWW challenge wasn’t just getting the wings out fast, but making sure its nearly 37,000 team members received their pay quickly as well. Thirty-four percent of its workforce was already on direct deposit, but various weather issues had occasionally impacted team members still on paper checks from getting their pay on time.



Case Study: Tyson

Tyson Foods drives electronic pay with pay cards. Electronic pay jumps from 36% to 97%. 
Tyson Foods, one of the world’s largest processors and marketers of protein products, was looking for a better way to pay its nearly 100,000 team members in its over 300 U.S. facilities. Historically, participation in direct deposit remained low, except among corporate employees. That meant that a lot of field employees were paid by paper check and, therefore, negatively impacted by disaster-related delays, check-cashing fees and regional check fraud. Efforts to increase direct deposit participation were complicated by the significant number of employees who lacked banking relationships. As a result, promoting direct deposit to a bank account alone was insufficient to convert employees to electronic pay. In order to end the inefficiencies inherent in paper check payment, Tyson partnered with FSV Payment Systems to implement pay cards and improve the payday experience for Tyson’s team members by providing electronic payroll options with free access to their pay.



Case Study: Costco

Is 99% electronic pay achievable? Costco achieved it in under a year. 
Plagued by payroll disruptions outside their control, Costco began exploring ways to deliver pay on time, every time to their more than 100,000 employees at nearly 500 locations. While direct deposit was available at Costco, more than 17,000 of their employees were still receiving biweekly paper checks. Read their case study to learn more about their tipping point for paper check distribution and how they achieved 99% electronic pay.