Government Benefits Cards

Federal, state and local government agencies are moving towards electronic benefits payments to reduce payment administration costs, deliver benefits faster than checks and reduce fraud and theft issues. As one of the leading prepaid processors, we invite you to Contact Us as you begin to solicit these programs and respond to government issued requests for proposal (RFPs).

Our Government Payment Program Experience
FSV has extensive experience in the government sector. We serve as the prepaid processor for multiple programs at the state and local level. We partner with third parties, including service providers and banks, to deliver government payments for:

  • Unemployed workers
  • Recipients of child support
  • Youth summer employment programs
  • Inmate release programs

Positive results start with flexible solutions...
Consistently delivering government payments gives us a unique perspective and proven track record. You have the opportunity to tap into our knowledge along with our in-house scalable technology platform and propriety services that we use to tailor government benefits card programs.

Learn more about FSV's approach to creating the transition to electronic benefits payments: