Prepaid Card Program Features and Products

Providing Convenience and Value for Your Program and Cardholders

Our prepaid card programs are supported by an array of services that provides cardholders with a complete and convenient financial services offer. Below are just some of the features and products available for your prepaid cardholders.

Text Alerts
Text Alerts are the most convenient way for your cardholders to stay in touch with their prepaid card balance no matter where they are. The multiple types of alerts that cardholders can choose offers them the ability to customize this feature to fit their needs and sign up is easily available online or by phone.

Types of Text Alerts:

  • Balance Load
  • Low Balance
  • Purchase
  • Anytime On-Demand
  • Marketing/Information

Rewards and Discount Programs

FSV offers prepaid cardholders the opportunity to receive rewards and instant discounts. When shopping online, our cardholders can build rewards and receive many lifestyle product discounts, through the Big Brand Mall. Visa and MasterCard sponsored merchant discount coupons which can be used either on-line or in-store are also available to cardholders.  

Through our merchant-funded Cash Back Rewards program, cardholders can access valuable promotional offers from well-known national, local and online retailers.  Offers are driven by current shopping habits, so cardholders receive relevant offers that deliver real value.  Participating cardholders choose from offers available in their online accounts, redeem them as they use their cards and receive cash back monthly. The more purchases they make, the more offers they receive, the more cash they earn.

Bill Pay

FSV's Bill Pay feature provides cardholders with the ability to pay bills either by phone or online through the card account website. Cardholders can choose from thousands of billing companies and pay multiple bills in a matter of minutes at any time, day or night – providing value and convenience over paying bills in person with cash or having to purchase and mail money orders. 

In this economy, more and more people are living payday to payday and saving money is harder than ever. FSV understands that so we created a Savings feature for your cardholders that will make planning for unexpected or future expenses a lot easier! This feature offers multiple options for cardholders to save and earn additional money.

  • Savings earns interest
  • Transfers to and from Savings can be transacted online or by calling customer service
  • Auto-transfer capability
  • No maximum restrictions on Savings account balance
  • FDIC insured up to $250,000

Reload Networks

The ability to reload retail prepaid cards or payroll cards with all types of funds, not just direct deposit of a paycheck, is crucial to cardholder adoption and usage of their card. Many cardholders receive cash tips at work or cash from family members and need the convenience and security of knowing they can easily store all their money on their card.

FSV offers reloading capability through the Western Union® Agent Network and Green Dot®. With tens of thousands of locations nationwide, our cardholders can reload their prepaid cards just around the corner.

International Money Transfer
Our cardholders are hard-working, average Americans, many of whom provide financial support to family and friends outside of the U.S. FSV works with global payment services leader Western Union Company to provide cardholders with international money transfer services, including phone and online access. Western Union offers fast, reliable and convenient ways to send and receive money around the world. 

ePayStub and Online W2 Forms – For Payroll Cards

ePayStub and Online W2 Forms benefit employees, employers and the environment. This service eliminates paper from an employer's payroll system through compliant, electronic access for all of their employees.

Cardholders and non-cardholders will have less paper to manage and less worry about losing valuable information. Employers can reduce the production, distribution and environmental costs associated with printing paycheck stubs and W2s. In addition to online access, employees can access summary paycheck stub information through text alerts and automated toll-free number.

Convenience Checks
Convenience checks linked to prepaid cards are not widely used by cardholders, but they can play an important role in a compliant paycard program. FSV offers the ChekToday convenience check and helps clients understand best practices for implementing the checks.