General Purpose Reloadable Prepaid Cards

Move beyond turn-key GPR prepaid card programs.

The growing popularity of prepaid cards can be both an opportunity and a threat to financial services retailers. In partnership with FSV, financial services companies from banks to check cashers and lenders can integrate prepaid cards into their existing business models to increase revenue today and retain customers for the long term.

Are you giving your customers away?
It's easier in the short term to hang another company's prepaid cards on a J-hook and sell them to your customers. But once direct deposit starts on those cards, are they really your customers anymore?

You've worked hard to grow your customer base – your prepaid card program should keep your customers loyal to your business and bottom line.

A Consultative Approach
While our competitors may call prepaid card users the "unbanked or underbanked," we call them "customers." We understand that many hard-working, middle Americans choose not to use traditional banking services and look to you for all of their financial services needs – including their prepaid cards.

FSV's goal is to help customize your prepaid card program to fit your business. It's your brand on the card, your POS system integrated with the card and your selection of a consumer price that will complement – not cannibalize – your existing business.

FSV is in business with you for the long haul. Our consultative approach and customized programs offer you the product, service and support you need to launch a successful prepaid program.

Learn more about what FSV can offer your prepaid program and customers.

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