Cardholder Support

Customer Service Representatives
FSV operates multi-site customer service operations managed through our Jacksonville, FL, Customer Service Center. Customer Service operates 24x7, so we're available when your cardholders need us.

Our Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) all have one thing in common – the desire to help your cardholders whenever they need us.

CSRs truly understand the importance of their role in ensuring cardholders can access their money. That understanding is fundamental to the level of professionalism our CSRs deliver to your cardholders. CSRs complete an intensive training program that includes an in-depth knowledge base for each program. Additionally, they participate in on-going training to maintain high accuracy levels and efficient responsiveness to cardholder inquiries.

As you work to develop and define your prepaid card program with your FSV Sales Executive, we invite you to listen to calls and speak to our representatives. We look forward to serving your cardholders in the near future.